Perth Rams - Official Training Singlet

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Perth Rams official training singlet.

Unique Perth Rams sublimation printed design.

Made of 100% Polyester material built for repeated tough training sessions.

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Shirts and Singlets

Size (cm) Chest Width
Small (S) 27.5
Medium (M) 28.5
Large (L) 29.5
Extra Large (XL) 30.5
Double Extra Large (XXL) 31.5
Triple Extra Large (XXL) 32.5


Size (Inches) Waist
Small (S) 30
Medium (M) 32
Large (L) 34
Extra Large (XL) 36
Double Extra Large (2XL) 38
Triple Extra Large (3XL) 40
Four Extra Large (4XL) 42
Five Extra Large (5XL) 44


Size (Inches) Waist
Small (S) 30-32
Medium (M) 32-34
Large (L) 34-36
Extra Large (XL) 36-38
Double Extra Large (2XL) 38-42
Triple Extra Large (3XL) 42-48
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