About us

Active Pride - we're showing the world that the LGBTQ+ community is the proudest and strongest it's ever been.

The idea for our light weight, breathable active wear was born on the rugby field. We found ourselves competing with people from all over the globe. People of different shapes and sizes, from different nations with varying values and ideals; but none of these differences seemed to matter. It was clear that everyone shared the same goal: to be proud, feel empowered and dismantle biases.

Let's be who we want to be and comfortable in our own skin.

Active Pride’s mission is to motivate and inspire individuals to regularly exercise, live a healthy lifestyle, and of course, give them the confidence to be greater than any challenge they face. ​ AP.

Winning the Bingham Cup bowl
World Barbarians RUFC
World Barbarians Rugby Union Football Club
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Brisbane Touch Football Club
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